We have plenty of resources to help you handle all of your administrative needs at the University of Arizona.

The Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid (OSFA) can help you understand the options available to you to help cover costs related to tuition and other educational expenses. Whether it is providing assistance with completing your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), helping you accept your student loans or helping you understand how to budget your financial aid refund, OSFA has you covered.

The Bursar’s Office handles your student account and billing information. It processes payments for tuition, fees, and other charges you make on campus. You can make charges to these offices via your CatCard: Campus Housing, Campus Dining, Campus Health, and the BookStores. The Bursar’s Office can dispense refunds and disbursements of aid on your account. They also handle delinquencies on accounts. You have a few options for making payments to the Bursar’s Office. You can pay by check, credit or debit card, cash or financial aid.

Your CatCard is your official University of Arizona ID card. Your card serves a lot of different functions. It can be used to make charges to your Bursar account. It also lets you into the Campus Recreation Center, verifies your status as a ZonaZoo member and gives you check-out privileges for books, equipment and rooms at the campus libraries.

Your CatCard can also hold money. CatCa$h is an excellent way to store funds on your CatCard. It is an easy payment option for campus copying and printing services, campus parking, in-dorm laundry and on-campus dining.

The Office of the Registrar is responsible for academic administrative matters, such as course scheduling, registration, transcripts, academic records and graduation services. This office also oversees benefits for veterans and their dependents as well as residency classification for tuition purposes.