Welcome Family & Guests

Family chatting by fountain in Student Union


Your student has decided to become a Wildcat — and that means that we welcome you to the Wildcat family, too. 

As valued members of the Wildcat community, we are excited to extend a warm invitation to join us for the Family Essentials Orientation & to become an active member of our community in the years to come!  

This paid session is unique from your first-year student’s orientation session and designed to provide you with resources and valuable insights into the college experience that assist with the transition to The University of Arizona.  We understand that this can be an exciting and overwhelming experience, and want to be sure you have the necessary resources to support your student’s personal and academic growth. You might be wondering if this includes attending your student’s advising appointment. We believe that allowing your students to meet with their advisor independently of their families and supporters empowers them to advocate for themselves — a key first step on the path to becoming a successful Wildcat.

As a registered guest of the Family Essentials Orientation you will receive:

  • Access to the Family Essentials Orientation Hub with recorded resources that allow you to review key information as needed.  These recordings will allow you the ability to learn more about specific areas, whenever you need them.  Whether you prefer to review them during evenings, weekends, or in between your busy schedules, the recordings will be available to accommodate your needs.
  • Family Essentials Webinar with live presentation and Q&A opportunities. This will take place on your student's orientation day at 11:00 AM but can be accessed on other days if needed.
  • Access to Signature Programs- on Thursdays throughout the summer, a variety of signature programs will be available for you to attend virtually.  These include campus partners such as Financial Aid, Meal Plans, and more! Our campus partners will host live sessions and drop-in opportunities to assist with any remaining questions you and/or your student may have.
  • Parent & Family Programs Resource Guide mailed to your home in late May packed with resources, information and insights to our campus and community.
  • Guest Access to Arizona Arrival orientation portal that students will also navigate through. This portal is interactive and customized, allowing you to learn about what is available to you & your student as you become part of the Wildcat family. 
  • Exclusive access to the Proud Parent Social on Friday, August 23rd at the Arizona Sands Club, a private business & social club showcasing the historic Arizona Football Field, and the majestic Catalina mountains. This invite only event will be accessible to attendees of the Family Essentials Orientation only.


To sign up for one of our Family Essentials Sessions, please ask your student to visit their Next Steps Center and register you as a guest!


Ready to register for Family Essentials orientation? In the Next Steps Center, your Summer/Fall first-year student can register you by selecting guest registration when they sign up for their own virtual orientation. If your student has already registered, and you would like to join them at orientation, they can add you by revisiting the "Virtual Orientation" section in the Orientation module.